My Story

Greetings, Ark D Arlowm  Hand Picked by God in NY to play drums. I jotted any old answer down on a music test in grade school. Low and behold scored a 100%.That was God in action, had to be! Music teacher asked what instrument I wanted to play. Well, I must admit that drum set off to the side of the stage at elementary school always did catch my notice. Made all county band recorded on vinyl. Played in church all the way to Radio City Music hall. During my prodigal son years I moved to Los Angeles, CA. with drums and played all the clubs, recorded in some great studios and lived in a studio. Spent many nights sleeping on a wood stage next to my drums. 

The Lord got a hold of me In Los Angeles which ended my prodigal days forever! As a young boy while playing drums "New York" in a church service, I stood before the the congregants and dedicated my  drumming to the Lord who gave me the gift in the first place. To this day you'll find me playing in church on Sundays. Playing worship music is a very dynamic form of musical expression. With life back to drumming for the Lord I'll move on. 

Joined the U.S. ARMY in Hollywood, CA. Served 6 years, and got to play drums for chapel services and other events while in. While in Germany as a soldier I bought a vintage ludwig vistalite set on line, which you can see in the pics. I drove my 59 Chevy Apache pick up truck "which was in Germany with me" to the Frankfurt air port customs terminal and picked them up. A Classic chevy and vintage drums rollin down the autobahn, yeah! God did another miracle in my life. I got an acceptance letter from a college with a great music program. So when my obligation to the Army ended, to college I went "via GI bill." I auditioned for the Moody Bible Institute "my college" symphonic band and made it! Played the trap drums and was main snare drummer. Toured 5 states in the U.S.  Went back to Europe for a symphonic band tour within the same year where I was just a soldier. played 5 countries in Europe with really deep thoughts after going through such radical life changes. Graduated college and made the move to Nashville.

I own and operate End Times Music Production Studio  Nashville TN. Might I add it's not easy getting a bank loan to start a studio. Thank you God! I've got to play with some of the local artists mainly in the Christian community. I'm currently perfecting recording my drums and getting the very best tones and sounds possible. God's not done with me yet!

 Just finished a recording session at Club Roar Studio(2-19-17),awesome time! Always striving to have the greatest sounding drums possible for playing and recording, including tuning techniques. I'm open to play all music styles. The musicians may not always be aware that when I;m playing drums I;m playing for the Lord. After all He gave me this gift!

The month of June (6-2017) I did some drum tuning at Addiction studios. The drummer was pleased, the track made it to the record.

January 2019 to present, playing drums at my one solid gig, church! The guitar player is great and that Martin guitar  he plays has harmonic overtones that really make me listen. Pay me a visit there "Set Free Church" Sunday 11:00 AM, 505 Gallatin pike Madison, TN

God bless.